Friday, 27 January 2012

Abseiling and Prussic

During herping, I usually go to a place where it’s difficult to access using normal route. Some of the method I use is abseiling.

Abseiling is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope. Static or dynamic rope is used. A special climbing rope, which does not stretch like a dynamic climbing rope. A static rope (usually 11 mm in diameter) is usually used as a fixed rope (attached to anchors and left in place) for climbing the rope itself with ascenders or rappelling. Static ropes are stronger and last longer than dynamic ropes, but they are not to be used for actual climbing. It’s because of the ‘fixed’ properties of the rope, it will have a tremendous impulse force during fall.

Typical specifications
Dynamic Ropes
Typical Impact Force*
Typical Weight
8.1mm (~5/16")
6 kN (1350 lb)
42g/m (0.45oz/ft)
9.8mm (~3/8")
8 kN (1800 lb)
63g/m (0.67oz/ft)
11mm (~7/16")
9 kN (2000 lb)
78g/m (0.84oz/ft)
*Dynamic ropes are rated for a certain number of falls (usually 5-10) at a given impact force.
Static Ropes
Typical Breaking Strength
Typical Weight
9mm (~11/32")
21 kN (4700 lb)
51g/m (0.55oz/ft)
10mm (~3/8")
27 kN (6000 lb)
66g/m (0.71oz/ft)
10.5mm (~13/32")
30 kN (6750 lb)
69g/m (0.74oz/ft)
11mm (~7/16")
34 kN (7650 lb)
75g/m (0.81oz/ft)

1N = (9.8 m/s2 X 1) kg = 9.8 kg

There are several basic equipments used in this activity:-
1.     Harness
2.     Belay device (Figure of 8 + Carabineer)
3.     Gloves
4.     Halmet
5.     Prussik rope

I will explain in detail about the equipments on my next blog post. Some of the additional equipments will also be introduce. 

There are several styles that can be used to abseil depending on the situations. The normal style and the Australian style or the spider style. The applications is endless. 

During Hulu Langat Adventure Race 2011


Normal style descending is used to abseil normally. Its the easiest method and give a  view on the wall or rock face. I used it during herping

The Australian

Australian abseiling (also known as Australian rappelling, Rap Jumping or deepelling) is the process of descending a fixed rope in a standing position while facing the ground.
The technique is used as a military 'assault' technique whereby a soldier is belayed, allowing them to face down the descent and fire a weapon.
In Australia, the technique is not commonly known as "Australian", or even "rappelling"; instead the term "abseiling" is more commonly used and the technique is referred to as "Geneva" style.I always train this technique as a preparation in the future. For me, its perfect for room recon without being detected.

Ascending using prussic. This technique is used to climb after descending. Usually for rescue mission and in my case, Herping

This post will be amend from time to time


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