Friday, 11 January 2013

Save Merapoh Caves

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Merapoh Caves are facing with a threat of destruction to make way for a cement factory. There are some other ways to manipulate the wealth of this place without changing its natural beauty. The caves provide a good sanctuary for the reptiles and other group of animals. I am not opposing or try to hinder development. We as human need to progress. But there must be a guide line. Find alternative rather then ravaging it recklessly. We never know what impact it will bring if this creature were to disappear. But it will affect the microhabitat of this place. Some of this species controlled other pest organism. This pest carries diseases that harmful to other animal. This chain will goes on until it reaches human. I have read a book once. The title is 'dust' by Charles r. Pellegrino(google it). He discuss about what will happen if the insect were gone. Total pandemonium... PM me for discussion or reply on this thread...