Friday, 2 January 2015

How to get from Gombak LRT Station to IIUM

IIUM is a favourite place for a visit nowadays especially when it involved International community.  Peoples from around the world choose this destination as a supplementary trip after they achive thier main business here in Malaysia.
The Institution situated at the outskirts of town (Kuala Lumpur). The easiest way to travel there by mean of public transport is with a LRT.  Take the last station which is Gombak Station. 
After you have reached the station,  a new question arise - How to get there from Gombak Light Railway Transit Station?
There are 2 choices for transportation.  The first is by local cab/taxi. The fee is roughly RM7 if the traffic is smooth. However,  if you are broke like me and looking for a cheaper alternative, RapidKl busses are the answer. Besides, I like riding bus. So many gurls you can take peek. But I digress. 
From RM1, you can get to IIUM in under 20 minutes. You can either pay by cash or you can purchase a RapidKl card to make payment simpler. Just touch the card on the device mounted in the bus. It can be frustrating at time when the device usually fail to register in one try. Despite all these, Its hassle free non the less.
Make sure you take a bus registered T231. The bus will commence operational at 5.30 am each morning and it follow a 15 minutes interval before the next bus arrived . However, the rotation is a bit confusing after 10am.
I hope this post will provide a general information on the topics. It will be amend from time to time

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year

It is exactly one year from my previous blog post.  I am starting again this year.  Writing is always my favourite things and I will continue to do so.